Waste & Recycling Collection

Until April 1, 2022, the Village of Marvin does not provide garbage or recycling curb side pick-up service. Residents should arrange for their own trash collection.


Area Waste Collection Vendors

Active Waste Solutions - (704) 626-7400
God Bless the USA - (704) 708-5872
Waste Pro - (704) 821-7578
12th Estate - (980) 290-0722, info@12thEstate.com


Recycling Collection Drop off 

Foxhole Recycling Center
17131 Lancaster Hwy, Charlotte NC 28277

Union County Collection Site - Parkwood
3214 Parkwood School Road, Monroe NC 28112


Coming April 1, 2022

The Village of Marvin to Standardize Solid Waste (Household Trash) and Recycling

It is an exciting time to be a Marvin resident! Beginning April 1, 2022, the Village will be taking over ALL solid waste and recycling services. With that, residents will see many positive changes to come with their current services. Check out the FAQs below:


How did this change come about and why?

The Marvin Village Council decided to initiate this service for the following reasons: 

  • Better quality of services (e.g., missed collections get addressed expediently); background checks and training standards of all employees will be required
  • Better customer service (i.e., a local Village of Marvin employee);
  • Increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety by limiting the amount of large trucks in our neighborhoods;
  • Preservation of Village roads (and privately maintained roads) by reducing the number of high weight collection trucks;
  • Lower overall annual costs for residents;
  • Promote environmentally friendly community (reducing emissions);
  • Greater control over performance issues (i.e., penalties for non-performance issue with a municipality is greater than an individual homeowner); 
  • Standardizing collection days and thereby improving neighborhood aesthetics (all homeowner will have carts out on same day vs. multiple days as it is now with multiple vendors having varying collection days).


What services will be provided?

  • Weekly solid waste (household trash) and recycling collection
  • Yard waste collection
  • Holiday tree collection (starting January 2023)
  • Annual bulk and white goods drop-off at Village Hall (one-time event)
  • Local customer service


How much will these services cost vs. how much we pay now? How will we pay for services?

$244/year; an annual savings to Marvin residents of over $110/year![i] The first year will be prorated at $61/year for April, May, and June of 2022. The annual fee will be on your tax bills that come out this fall. This fee will be reassessed annually.


What if I don’t want to receive these services?

Every Marvin household is assessed this fee, regardless of whether they choose to receive service from the Village; this is how we were able to keep costs so low with better services.


Which vendor will be providing the services? Can I choose a different provider?

The Village is currently under negotiations with Active Waste Solutions. This provider will be sole provider of service within the Village of Marvin. We can emphasize to all residents we are confident in the level and quality of service to be provided with any vendor as we have created very firm penalty section within our contract for nonperformance, so rest assured…we got this!!  

[i] Average residential rate is $372-$336 per year based off current residential rates for those vendors serving within the Village of Marvin. 


When will Village services start? When do I need to cancel my current service?

Village services will begin on April 1, 2022; do NOT cancel your current service until March 31, 2022. We will send more reminder notices out before the official switch.


I use more than one trash bin now; will I be able to receive another one?

Yes, no worries! Each household will receive one (1) 96-gallon container for household waste and one (1) 96-gallon container for recycling. You will have the ability to add bins and services under an additional subscription fee which will be billed directly to the homeowner.


Will Yard Waste be included and what are the standards?

Yes! Council has heard residents’ voice to add yard waste. There will be no additional charge for the first year (April 1, 2022-June 30, 2022); rates will still be $61 on your 2022 tax bill. For the 2023, we will have to reassess costs and notify residents of any changes at that time. Service will include plant material such as leaves, pine straw, grass clippings, tree branches and brush, flowers and shrubbery trimmings and/or other yard debris. Bagged leaves and loose brush (brush cannot exceed 6 feet long by 3 inches in diameter and cannot exceed eight cubic feet in quantity). Yard waste must be debagged at the curb by the contractor before placing into collection vehicle. We are working with vendor to see if biodegradable bags will be acceptable.


I am disabled and cannot take my containers to the road, can you help?

Yes; we will have a process for assistance for residents medically unable to take carts to the road.


I have seen some vendors mix recycling and household waste; is this allowed with the contract with Marvin?

Absolutely not! We take pride in our communities’ efforts to have a reduced carbon footprint. In the event any resident sees this activity taking place after April 1, 2022; please take photos and report to Village Hall immediately. The Village has penalties in place to charge hefty fines for this activity.


What do I do if my Homeowners Association (HOA) currently has my solid waste fees already included in my HOA dues?

Every Marvin household will be assessed this fee. The way we will able to keep costs so low and standardize services was by including all Marvin households. If your HOA currently charges for Solid Waste, residents will need to work with their respective HOAs to address that issue. Most practical options to HOAs would be to reduce their fees respective to the amounts currently being charged and/or find another commonly accepted use for those funds within their HOA; either way, this is an issue to be taken up at the HOA Board level.


Sometimes I need an extra pickup for a bulk item (like a mattress, computer, or couch); how will I be able to get this addressed after April 1, 2022?

You have a few options; we will have a free once per year event where residents can bring unwanted items to Village Hall and we will assist in disposal. Items such as, but not limited to, appliances, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, trash compactors, water heaters, furnaces and window unit air conditioners, large bulky boxes, items of furniture, chairs, tables, couches, mattresses, cabinets, dressers; electronics such as computers, televisions, and printing devices. Other option will be to schedule a pickup with the vendor directly who will then bill and collect from customer upon request.


For more information, please contact:

Christina Amos
Village Manager

Phone: (704) 843-1680, Ext 101
Fax: (704) 843-1660
Contact the Village Manager