NOTE: Those listed below have officially registered with the Union County Board of Elections as Council Candidates for the Village of Marvin. This list may not be all inclusive, as participation in this questionnaire was voluntary and some candidates may have chosen not to participate. For an official and all-inclusive list of registered candidates, please visit the Union County Board of Elections website.

On November 2, 2021, Marvin voters will elect a Mayor for a two-year term and three Councilmembers for four-year terms. This questionnaire is intended to provide the Marvin electorate with some basic information about Mayoral and Councilmember candidates. Completed submissions are listed in alphabetical order by the candidates’ last names.

2021 Early Voting Information

2021 Sample Ballot

Council Candidates (Vote for Three)

Candidate For Village Council

Christopher Smith

212 Cattle Ridge Rd
Marvin, NC 28173

Marvin Creek

(704) 3139150


Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) - Indiana University; Master Degree in Public Affairs (MPA) - Indiana University

Head of Fraud Strategy and Analytics, Financial Services

Briefly describe yourself and your background.
My family fell in love with Marvin and have lived here since 2011. I hold both a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health, and a master’s degree in Public Affairs. I am an Army Veteran, having served as a Broadcast Journalist from 1987 to 1995. I am also a Hispanic American. My mother immigrated to the United States by herself, without speaking a word of English. She worked hard to earn American citizenship as soon as she could, and I learned the value of ethics, perseverance, and honesty from her example. I am a scientist; I look at data every day, and it’s my nature to ask questions and to look to data to support decision making and balancing trade-offs. I am a father of six children, and I have three beautiful little girls that attend Marvin schools.

Describe your experience and accomplishments.
I have been an active participant in Village activities, policymaking, and governance. I’ve attended countless council sessions (in person and virtually). I served on the Village planning board and was a candidate for mayor in 2019. As a motivated resident I have been a proponent of open and transparent governance within the Village. I have proactively engaged Village leadership, providing credible challenge when needed, on behalf of myself and my neighbors. I led the 2020 petition to enable Marvin residents to have the final word on two Village charter changes, which resulted in ballot referendums on the two proposals. I feel that much of my work with Village leadership has directly led to more transparency and greater communications from the Village, and as a member of the Village Council I will champion transparency as we navigate through the inevitable changes coming our way.

What would be your top priorities for your term in office?
My top priorities as a councilperson would be the to recognize the growth in Union County, and to find solutions to mitigate impacts to the Marvin community. The Union County 2050 plan should recognize the need for infrastructure to support growth in way that reflects the unique and diverse character of Marvin and surrounding communities. Specifically, I am concerned about the growth of commercial activities producing changes in traffic patterns and congestion, road systems, safety, and traffic, as well as the need to provide quiet spaces that benefit the community and help to maintain and enhance green spaces. Marvin is a diverse community, and I would seek to provide a voice for residents with diverse backgrounds and experiences, especially those unfamiliar with the machinations and politics of local governance.

How do you plan to address those priorities?
I would promote proactive engagement with community leaders, HOAs, and neighboring communities. Together we can provide a strong voice in addressing the needs of Marvin residents and preserving the unique character of our beautiful village. We must ensure that growth is controlled and limited and reflects the true desires of our residents. I would insist on open, honest, and ethical governance that recognizes that our community is filled with residents with differing opinions and diverse backgrounds, and that all segments and neighborhoods within the community deserve a voice. I would also promote accountability and ensure we engage productively with other government entities we rely on like the NCDOT, especially around the timing and overall cost of traffic circles and roadway improvements that enhance safety.

What is your long-term vision for the Village and how do you plan to make it a reality?
My vision for Marvin is that it continues to grow as one of the most desirable communities to live and raise a family in, supported by excellent schools, mutually beneficial relationships with neighboring communities, and that it remains attractive to a diverse population of residents. I believe in using innovative solutions to challenges we face around traffic, congestion, common spaces, and growth. I would be champion for improving our parks and green spaces. I want to preserve the unique nature of Marvin including our low density and (mostly) commercial free environment and heritage. I envision a community that is inclusive and where all voices can be heard, and a leadership team that recognizes and values diversity and inclusivity.


Other Registered Candidates

The following candidates have registered with the Union County Board of Elections, but chose not participate in the Village of Marvin's candidate questionnaire.

  • BRANDI SMITH, Candidate for Village Council