NOTE: Those listed below have officially registered with the Union County Board of Elections as Council Candidates for the Village of Marvin. This list may not be all inclusive, as participation in this questionnaire was voluntary and some candidates may have chosen not to participate. For an official and all-inclusive list of registered candidates, please visit the Union County Board of Elections website.

On November 2, 2021, Marvin voters will elect a Mayor for a two-year term and three Councilmembers for four-year terms. This questionnaire is intended to provide the Marvin electorate with some basic information about Mayoral and Councilmember candidates. Completed submissions are listed in alphabetical order by the candidates’ last names.

2021 Early Voting Information

2021 Sample Ballot

Council Candidates (Vote for Three)

Candidate For Village Council

Wayne Deatherage

2060 Rocky Hollow Drive
Marvin, NC 28173

Amber Meadows

(704) 4913114




Briefly describe yourself and your background.
I am by nature an outgoing “people person”, who loves making new acquaintances and learning about their lives and backgrounds. I work at finding common ground, making others feel comfortable, and establishing relationships. I find this especially helpful in completing projects, and I am a “doer” rather than one who postpones tasks. My working career entailed handling projects and finding workable solutions, meeting and dealing with multiple personalities, and coordinating the mechanics of supply chain and logistics, for a Fortune 500 international manufacturing and service firm. I think my temperament, work experience, and ability to establish relationships can be directly applied to our community relationships in helping Marvin grow and move forward.

Describe your experience and accomplishments.
After school, I served in the military, and bring that discipline and experience to bear on the variety of issues which are part of a maturing Village of Marvin. After the military, I joined IBM Corporation, with the varied work experience described above, in the US and internationally. I was able to take early retirement after 30+ years at IBM, and developed a second career in consulting with small business and individuals in area of health and benefit insurance. Since coming to the Amber Meadows neighborhood, I have in my role as President of the AM HOA Board of Directors had the opportunity to work with Village staff on various community concerns. That communication has provided an overview of the goals and issues of the Village, as well as developing a working relationship with Village administration.

What would be your top priorities for your term in office?
I believe top priorities for my term with Council would be to focus on several of the most critical issues as outlined in the County 2050 Plan. These would include: a) Expansion and maintenance of Public Utilities to meet the requirements of the growth Marvin can expect. b) A basis to expand the availability of internet service for business and residents. c) A plan for growth and development while preserving open spaces, to complement the “village” character which our residents value. d) Work with NC DOT and the County for improvement and maintenance of road systems which better serve our constituencies and to handle our increased pace of growth.

How do you plan to address those priorities?
I believe that capable, practical, and farsighted Planning and Zoning are most essential to help address most of the priorities outlined. In many municipalities, various problems are too often discovered after issues have developed. Forethought and communication with developers as to what is expected, how it should work, what problems may arise, etc. can help avoid the situation. I believe in growth, but for long term goals to be achieved, it must be controlled growth, and developed with realistic expectation of how to best meet those clearly stated goals.

What is your long-term vision for the Village and how do you plan to make it a reality?
In my view, any long term vision for Marvin must logically track and compliment the 2050 Plan. In pursuit of that vision, the following premises would need to be followed: a) Get the simple things right. b) Set both realistic and unrealistic goals. c) Work hard to achieve success, but prepare for occasional failure. d) Be ready for both satisfactory and unsatisfactory outcomes. e) Don’t underestimate the project at hand. f) Don’t make excuses. g) Work well with others, and get them to work with me.


Other Registered Candidates

The following candidates have registered with the Union County Board of Elections, but chose not participate in the Village of Marvin's candidate questionnaire.

  • BRANDI SMITH, Candidate for Village Council