Advisory Boards & Committees

The interactive module below shows all of the Village's Advisory Boards and Committees. You may click on the Board Name for more information about the Board, its members, and its meetings. You may also view Board Members and the vacancies present on each Board.

Please consider applying to serve on an Advisory Board; your community would greatly appreciate your service! To view the available vacancies, please click the "Vacancies" button in the header or click the "View" button to the right of each Board description. On the vacancies page, click the "Apply" button next to the vacancy in which you are interested.

Dissolved Boards and Committees

Marvin Heritage District Strategic Plan Committee
The Village Council created this committee in 2020 to create advise on the creation of documents to guide and facilitate the development of the Marvin Heritage District. These documents included the Marvin Heritage District Small Area Plan and Form Based Code. The Committee was dissolved in December 2022.

Members: Malinda Daniel, Jake Fehling, Tim Fincher, John Jones, Michael Lavelle, Will Owens, TJ Philbrick, Dorota Clegg, Sheri Albano

Village Hall Design Finishes Subcommittee
This Subcommittee of the Village Council was created in February 2021 to choose interior and exterior finishes for the new Marvin Village Hall built at 10006 Marvin School Road. The Subcommittee was dissolved in November 2022.

Members: Mayor Joe Pollino, Mayor Pro Tempore Kim Vandenberg

Website Committee
The Village Council created this Committee in 2020 to guide the creation of the Village's new website. The Committee was dissolved in September 2020.

Members: Lee-Anne Black, Kristina Culp, James Heery, Bob Nunnenkamp