Marvin Village Hall

Currently, Marvin Village Hall is located at 10004 New Town Road. However, the construction of a new spacious Village Hall is on the horizon! The new Marvin Village Hall will be located on the corner of New Town Road and Marvin School Road.


Humble Beginnings

10004 New Town RoadThe Village Hall project has been the subject of Council deliberations for years. At the time of incorporation, Village Staff operated out of a local residence and did not have a public office. In 2003, Marvin Village Hall opened to the public at 10004 New Town Road, next door to Banks Presbyterian Church. Over the years as Marvin grew, so did Village Staff and the fuctions of the Village Government. Council after Council acknowledged the need for more office space and began taking the first steps towards a new Village Hall.

In 2019, the Village Hall project went out for bid for the first time. Unfortunately, after the bids came back, it was determined that the project would be far too expensive. In 2020, the Village Council worked with numerous property owners in Marvin hoping to find a location for Village Hall that would be much more affordable to build upon. After exhausting all options for locations for the new Village Hall, the Village Council determined it would be best to build on the original site and reconfigure the plans to reduce costs.


New Elevations & Floor Plan

In 2020, the Village Council and Staff worked with Urban Architectural Group and Dewberry Engineering to redesign the elevations and floor plans of the Future Marvin Village Hall. In March 2021, the Village Council awarded the contract to Randolph & Sons Builders to complete construction. Once construction begins, completion of the project is expected in roughly 8 months.

Front ElevationFront Side (Facing New Town Road)


Rear ElevationRear Side (Facing Parking Lot)


Floor PlanVillage Hall Floor Plan














The Groundbreaking CeremonyMayor Pollino & Village Council

On April 30, 2021, the Village Council and Staff held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the future Village Hall. The celebration marked a new milestone for the Village Hall project and was attended by dozens of local residents and elected officials from Union County and other neighboring municipalities.

Mayor Pollino gave a brief speech highlighting the hard work of many that brought this day to fruition. You can watch Mayor Pollino's speech below:

Dan Good Que - Food TruckAudienceTent with refreshments and gifts.

Village Council & Staff
(Pictured Left to Right: Village Clerk Austin Yow, Councilman Andy Wortman, Former Planning & Zoning Administrator Rohit Ammanamanchi, Councilman Bob Marcolese, Mayor Joe Pollino, Mayor Pro Tem Kim Vandenberg, Councilman Jamie Lein, Village Manager Christina Amos, Public Facilities Manager Derek Durst, Former Office Assitant Devki Patel)

Thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate this milestone in Marvin history!